Tell us a little about yourself:

My wife and business partner, George, was born and bred in Cheltenham, hence why we are here. I am Dutch and was born in Brunei, South East Asia. We have a son, a daughter and a dog. We love Cheltenham and owning three local pubs just adds to that.

You get a rare night off in front of the TV; Netflix time. What are you going to watch?

Succession. Brilliant.

Cats or Dogs

Dogs. Always. We have a cocker spaniel, Rafa.

The hospitality gods grant you a week off, but only to a destination you have not visited before, where are you going to go?

Japan, although a bit far in only a week.

Your best friend(s) are coming to town for the weekend. What and where is on the itinerary to eat, drink, and do?

Brunch at home, long walk on Cleeve Hill, dinner in one of Cheltenham’s great independent restaurants. Only walking distance from where we live; how lucky are we?

If you could go back in time, what era and place most interests you, and who would you want to meet?

Dutch Golden Era. Late 17th century when at one point tulip bulbs were more expensive than gold. Crazy times. I would love to have met Johan Cruyff. Great footballer and who’s football ethos is still followed by some of the world’s best coaches today.

Are you spiritual or practical? Will everything just work itself out, or do you have to make a list to make it happen?

Practically spiritual

Was school really the best time of your life?

I loved it but I have had equally great times since.

What do you want for Christmas?

Covid 19 vaccine

What’s your death row meal? (starter/main/dessert/drink)

Escargots (loads of garlic butter), beef Wellington, Creme Brulee