Tell us a little about yourself (where were you born, have you travelled, a bit of family stuff etc. Keep is snappy)

I grew up on the Surrey/South London border. At 21 I bought a one-way ticket to Hong Kong to join my brother who was travelling Asia. We spent the next few years working in bars and spending what we made travelling around the region. 

Whilst working in a bar I met some money brokers. The boss thought I could be a good fit for it, so he got me an interview back in London which I flew back for. I got the job and spent the next 20 years as a money broker, including 4 years back in HK and 12 years in Tokyo. 

After 4 years in Bali (recovering from the 20 years as a broker), we moved back to the UK. My wife and children have never lived in the UK before, but all love it (apart from the dark winters!).

You get a rare night off in front of the TV. Netflix time…what are you going to watch?

If I’m on my own, it would be any Coen brother’s movie, Norsemen, or the new Street food series. 

Cats or dogs…or neither?

Both, we have 2 cats, and 2 dogs! A handful to say the least.

The hospitality gods grant you a week off, but only to a destination you have not visited before. Where are you going to go?

Tough one…. It changes a lot, but right now, I think Costa Rica.

Your best friend(s) are coming to town for the weekend. What and where is on the itinerary to eat, drink, and spend your time?

Long dog walks, maybe some stand up paddle boarding if it’s a summer visit.  I will definitely be doing some cooking, but we all love The Railway, Bar and Wok, and Baker and Graze. All worked around a few pub visits!

If you could go back in time, what era and place most interests you?

Ancient Rome, as long as I wasn’t short of a few gold pieces 

Are you spiritual or practical? Will everything just work itself out, or do you have to make a list to make it happen?

I would say practical. My wife always tries to keep me positive, and tells me it will be ok, whilst I’m running around trying to cross jobs off my list!

Was school really the best time of your life?

Absolutely not. I left school at 16, as soon as they would let me out!

What do you want for Christmas ?

I just want to hang out and eat with my family, have a few lovely crisp walks to the pub.  Oh, and a new Land Rover Defender …pretty please? 

What’s your death row meal ? (starter/main/dessert)

Crispy aromatic duck, pancakes. / Pan roasted turbot with buttered jersey royals / Apple crumble and custard. Modelo Especials with dinner, but a great single malt after.