TURF is for you. It has been created, and built, just for you.

Cheltenham’s hospitality scene is packed full of diverse and significantly independent hospitality venues. At any time, day or night, for any occasion, you will find an independent café, pub, bar, restaurant or specialist retail shop that’s keen to welcome you. A welcome that is likely to be from the passionate owner-operators that are the powerhouses behind these venues.

During the height of the pandemic in March 2020, a number of these fantastic owner-operators came together and formed TURF. Our strength being in our individual spirit and enterprise. The pandemic may have stalled our businesses, but it didn’t paralyse our spirit and determination; instead, we became more innovative and worked harder to be there for our customers, our friends.

You will find a TURF member on any street in Cheltenham, whether it be in the centre of town or quiet alleyway. Visit a TURF business and you’ll be visiting a business that was not formed by committee but by trial and error, careful thought, passion, focus on detail, personal risk and total dedication.

This website is a showcase of all the passion and diversity this town has to offer, we strongly recommend you don’t decide where to go for your next drink, dinner, breakfast or Sunday lunch without consulting it!

Welcome to the TURF collective.

This website is updated and managed by its members on a non-profit basis. All errors or omissions are our own.

Think TURF is for you? Want to join?

You’ve heard about TURF, seen the social, played with the website and you want in. We get it. Follow the steps below and we’ll be in touch. Soon.

The Benefits:

  • Weekly Catch-up
  • Joint forces with BID and Marketing Cheltenham
  • Group communications, daily support from members
  • Member database
  • Training and Development sessions
  • TURF website for promotion, exposure and access to recommended local trades

How to Join:

Simply click on the ‘Become a Member’ button and complete the details. These will be sent through to TURF and a representative will get in touch to welcome you to the Group.

Please note that in order to join TURF you need to be the Owner of an Independent Hospitality business within Cheltenham. If you’re a senior manager, and you think we rock, ask your boss to give us a shout.