Tell us a little about yourself (where were you born, have you travelled, a bit of family stuff etc. Keep it light, fun and snappy)

I’m from Hereford, Jon is from Frome. We met when I was 17, in Hereford, Jon had just moved to take a new role at a beautiful riverside hotel complex in town. I trained as a Biomedical Scientist & worked for the NHS for 10 years. Lumiere is our first venture together, we brought the restaurant rather than getting married back in 2009 – we actually got married in 2013. We love to travel, we normally book a restaurant and then build the rest of the holiday around that! 

You get a rare night off in front of the TV; Netflix time….What are you going to watch?

Depends on who gets to the remote control first – Jon will always suggest The Chef Show, Chefs Table, Australian Masterchef, I will suggest Ru Pauls Drag Race or Below Deck so then we’ll compromise on something like The Heist or Osark

Cats or dogs?

Dogs – we have 2; Motte a 6 yr old Dogue de Bordeaux & Reuben a 4yr old Pointerama

The hospitality gods grant you a week off, but only to a destination you have not visited before, where are you going to go?

California.. or Italy… or Australia.. there are so many places that we still want to travel too- the only criteria we have is great food & wine!!

Your best friend(s) are coming to town for the weekend. What and where is on the itinerary to eat, drink, and do?

Obviously our friends always want Jon to be the one doing the cooking – they just love to get in the kitchen with him, especially the children! If we were eating out then it would definitely be Baker & Graze for brunch/lunch, maybe a trip to Bath Road Beers on the way to The Grape Escape for a glass or two of wine then The Railway for dinner! 

If you could go back in time, what era and place most interests you, and who would you want to meet?

We’re not really ‘back in time’ sort of people, it would be much more interesting to go forward into the future!!

Are you spiritual or practical? Will everything just work itself out, or do you have to make a list to make it happen?

We are both practical – unless it involves reading the instructions then one of us is suddenly much more spiritual! 

Was school really the best time of your life?

No, school was fine but things are much more fun now we are old enough to go to the pub!

What do you want for Christmas?

A houseful of friends & family!

What’s your death row meal? (starter/main/dessert/drink)

A big fresh seafood platter

My Mum’s roast dinner

The Botrytis dessert from the Fat Duck To drink a good Californian chardonnay